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Part III: The Dyer

The following post is Part II of our series: “Meet the Makers” tracking the production process of Avani’s indigo from seed to scarf. Today, we've been talking to Kamla, one of our expert dyers, who has been with us for six years.

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Part I: The Harvest

This is Part I of our series: "Meet the Makers" tracking the production process of Avani's indigo from seed to scarf. Mohani Devi has been harvesting indigo for Avani for two years. 

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Meet the Makers: Indigo at Avani

Hello all, and welcome to the inaugural post of the Avani blog! As Avani has continued to grow, we've seen a need to tell the stories of our incredibly talented artisans and farmers to a wider audience. Through these stories, we hope to give our followers, donors, volunteers, and visitors a glimpse into what Avani's work looks like on the ground, and keep our community up-to-date on the many events and happenings on Avani's busy campus.

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