Pure Silk Stole | Charcoal Black
Pure Silk Stole | Charcoal Black

Pure Silk Stole | Charcoal Black

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Elegant charcoal black stole in a single tone with the most luxuriant drape. This beautiful piece is lightweight and perfect for an evening event. Like all of Avani’s textiles, this stole is handwoven and naturally dyed in the Himalayas!

- Handwoven by Kumaoni women in the Himalayas
- Naturally dyed using Avani's myrobalan pigment.
- Blends Eri and Tussar silk for that perfect hint of luster
- Finished with handmade tassels that have been tied with great care

SIZE: 180 x 38 (in cm) 

FABRIC CARE: Wash by hand in cold water with a mild detergent

P.s. Try our natural Soapnut Powder for best results!
Please note: Slight variations (up to 5%) in color are inherent to the natural dyeing process. While great care is taken to maintain consistency, each handmade and naturally dyed textile is preciously unique!