Part VI: The Finisher

The following post is the final post in our series: “Meet the Makers” tracking the production process of Avani’s indigo textiles from seed to scarf. For more information about the series and an introduction to the Avani blog, see our first post. To buy some of Avani's beautiful products online, be sure to visit the e-shop tab of this website.

When a scarf or shawl is completed, it goes straight to Deepa in Avani's finished goods room. Deepa is the one who expertly keeps track of all the hundreds of goods the women of the cooperative create. When Avani gets an order, Deepa is responsible for knowing exactly where each item is, packing it, and sending them off to customers around the world.


Deepa began working with Avani at a weaving field center until she married Kedar, one of Avani's staff. After her marriage, Deepa came to live on campus with him. Since moving to Avani's campus, Deepa quickly made her way from weaver, to supervisor, to the mastermind behind Avani's stock and inventory. Today, she's one of the busiest bees on campus!

Text by Camille Parker, Photos by Emilie Thevenoz