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About us: Avani - EarthCraft e-store (Kumaon Earthcraft) an e-Commerce portal to showcase sustainable fashion and lifestyle products to the discerning buyers across the globe. It is a platform to display the elegance of these naturally dyed natural fiber textiles handcrafted by rural artisans living and working in magnificent Kumaon Himalayas. It is one stop online shopping platform for Avani/EarthCraft products, which includes contemporary textiles produced by traditional craft and earth friendly colors from plant based pigments. EarthCraft is a platform to share goodness of mother earth.

In a world of increasing consumption leading to unsustainable pressure on natural resources, strives to make available exquisite, contemporary and useful products, which enhance ecology while strengthening rural economy. This platform is a producer’s cooperative, which has evolved as a result of Avani’s work with rural artisans and farmers, and helps them practice livelihood in their own village without the need to migrate under duress for cash incomes. These products still carry the label of Avani, which means The Earth in Sanskrit.